Uniquely designed Handcrafted garments and accessories for stylish people,urban adventurers and city lovers.

Its All About Design and Love.Unique handcrafted bags and accessories. heartmade jewelleries from Greek Designers.Located in Thessaloniki Gr.Ships Worldwide.


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Irida-shop.com is a «new-entry» e-shop started in Thessaloniki in September 2017. There are so many ambitious young creators around us making so very unique accessories just for us. The only concern is to present all these products to all of you. We are sure that you already know the most fresh handmade bags for a unique and different style. The handmade jewels that we selected will complete everything you may need. Interesting,beautiful handmade jewels for special Looks. We are in love with style and quality,so we offer unique accessories to people who value versatility,style and comfort. Let us help you replace or add items to your wardrobe with maintaining quality. Discover them… Discover us!!